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moises lopez
who still in 2020?
Comment from : moises lopez

David Tenhundfeld
If u dont like this song u can always go listen 2 ur RAP CRAP!!
Comment from : David Tenhundfeld

michael truthson
Thank you late Chief Rocker Frankie Crocker for bringing Mick and Rod to WBLS 107.5 NYC.
Comment from : michael truthson

Bryan L.
If there ever was a band that did, in fact, go down to the Crossroads.
RIP, Brian Jones.
(Still...my one and only 'Stones song.)

Comment from : Bryan L.

this is not a rock song.Its a FUNK SONG!and I can tell,cause I hate rock and love Jazz/Funk!!!

Michael Lloyd
I think it was 1977 at the Oakland Coliseum, during their "some girls" tour, and at "Bill Graham's a day on the green." When they started this song, the place went wild in a very passionate and positive way. I was still young (20) and I remember my older sister dancing with some guy she met. Afterward, Mick disappeared up some scaffolding and it was realized that it was his birthday. God, what a show.
Comment from : Michael Lloyd

This reminds me of being in Chicago when I was a kid.
Comment from : TAFOLLA RECORDS

Matias aguero
Ooooh ooooh
Comment from : Matias aguero

If u don't like this song, you've never fell in lust
Comment from : raaachit

Etta Wing
Comment from : Etta Wing

Cat T
I miss you too...
Comment from : Cat T

James Zhang
Comment from : James Zhang

Stones or Beatles
astounding this song and of course along with everything else, great sax as well <3
Comment from : Stones or Beatles

Bugnya Blasta
what in the F is he talkin about... This song is so dam dope!
Comment from : Bugnya Blasta

Jose Castillo
“I guess I’m lying to myself , it’s just you and no one else” favorite
Comment from : Jose Castillo

Johnmark Erwin
Comment from : Johnmark Erwin

Andres M
They’re the best! 🎵🎶🎶🎶
Comment from : Andres M

Zanna Bailey
Great job! Your lyrics werein time and the don't was pleasant
Comment from : Zanna Bailey

Sharon Lee
Comment from : Sharon Lee

Wolfreespirit Rebel
The only thing wrong with this song is motormouth jagger, the murderer of Brian Jones!!
Comment from : Wolfreespirit Rebel

Joan Miller
if you dont like this song youre an idiot
Comment from : Joan Miller

a 202 boludos no les gustó
Comment from : bandittorevell1

clara Simões
Só tô ouvindo pq tenho várias blusas e nunca ouvi nenhuma música
Comment from : clara Simões

Princess Pea
This is how GROOVY is done!
Comment from : Princess Pea

James Johnson
"I've been waiting on your call
When the phone rings, it's just a friend of mine
Say, Hey, what's the matter man?
We gonna come around at twelve with
Some Puerto Rican girls who 'jus dying to meet you!"

"Puerto Rican girls, aka white. Puerto Rico was and still is a heavy distribution hub for the white. The "white girl" that he misses so much. Love hate relationship with her. The thang that makes him out "Walking Central Park, Singing after dark".... making people ask "what's a matter with you, boy?"

Fucking gold lyrics.


Comment from : James Johnson

thug 81
Comment from : thug 81

Dane Dicarlo
Mick is the man
Comment from : Dane Dicarlo

Juanita Mack
This'll never get old!
"What's the matter with you boy?"
Personal favorite. I LOVE me some Rolling Stones.

Comment from : Juanita Mack

Jacques Redmond
<1962 - 2019> An incredible 57 years strong as a band and still as brilliant as ever. 'MISS YOU' is one of my all-time faves.
Comment from : Jacques Redmond

Lavinia Gospodinova
that' not baaad
Comment from : Lavinia Gospodinova

camille looper
To my dad, I'll always remember me & my sister dancing around the living room while you play this on your guitar singin whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo😭😭😭😭
Comment from : camille looper

Sue Castillo
well well well well...🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Comment from : Sue Castillo

Thanks Mogas :)
Comment from : macias19790

robin lynn Wright
Comment from : robin lynn Wright

Alexander Graham
The 70's stones are the best stones!!!
The bass line of this song is one of my all time favorites
"Sometimes I say, say to Myself, what's a matter with you Boy."

Comment from : Alexander Graham

Paul Lawless
Seriously, who else could make a harmonica sounds bad ass...Mick and the Boys
we gonna come around and square with some Puerto Rican girls that's just dying to meetchu

Comment from : Paul Lawless

nishant saini
The bass line of this song is one of my all time favorites
"What's the matter with you boy?"

Comment from : nishant saini

Shannan Teegarden
Any one know this feeling
Comment from : Shannan Teegarden

Joseph Slaton
Stones disco better than any disco
Comment from : Joseph Slaton

Περαστικος Πρατηρητης
I've been holding out so long
I've been sleeping all alone
Lord I miss you

Comment from : Περαστικος Πρατηρητης

Eva Morea
Love - Love - Love
I can't help myself

Comment from : Eva Morea

nicole george
Get well soon Mr. Jagger. Love from Chicago.
Comment from : nicole george

You got the lyrics wrong. It`s RENT a case of wine, & I`m gonna miss you child.
Comment from : willythewave

that's some hard shit there. One of the funkiest disco songs ever. i gotta give it up. don;t know what he did to get in that zone but he WENT there. Badass
Comment from : donbezi

Kat Masterson
(UNLESS U PARTY IN L.A. or Manhattan.)
Its never too early..or too late
too get into your voice work!!!! move and groove With a: hoo hoo /Hoo-ooh Hoo-ooh. Hoo-
hooh - hooh- hooh
ooooh -yah !
We ben holden out so long ..maybe sleepin all alone...
Come on..get well by August..or wait til September!! But dont push past doctor's best expertise. Get maybe 5-10 doctors to sound in on your "best outcome -path!"
We are not >going -nowhere-<>

Comment from : Kat Masterson

francisco chinchilla
Mi primera vez ir al memorial sin ti en USA 04 19 2029 duele el corazon I MISS YOU
Comment from : francisco chinchilla

billy joe ness
I just realized how funny the lyrics are 😉
Comment from : billy joe ness

Dane Dicarlo
2019 yeah baby
Comment from : Dane Dicarlo

Karen AC
Lord i miss you!!!!!♡
Comment from : Karen AC

Cat T
Well it's six months later and I'm still missing you.
Comment from : Cat T

Javier Escobar
ya me canse.
Comment from : Javier Escobar

Fernando luna Bustos
pues que les digo es una de mis favoritas. junto con emotional rescue, aunque mi play list de los stones es muy largo all day long
Comment from : Fernando luna Bustos

Steve Arce
Comment from : Steve Arce

Steve Arce
Comment from : Steve Arce

Bob Brague
Keep it playin'....oooh oooh oooh oooh lord I miss you....aaah aaah aaah aaah.......
Comment from : Bob Brague

kevin gallagher
Comment from : kevin gallagher

“With some portorican girls...”
Comment from : lealsan

Sean's Myth
Whazza matta wit you boy-iii...
Comment from : Sean's Myth

Cheryl Batten
Peaches & SuperMan 🍑🍑
Comment from : Cheryl Batten

Bobby keys WENT OFF with that saxophone
Comment from : keeto

Sushanna Sepulveda
Hell yea!!!
Comment from : Sushanna Sepulveda

Muhammad Sahid
mantappp ini jazz berkualitas
Comment from : Muhammad Sahid

Winter Blue
Jimmy 💔
Comment from : Winter Blue

Scott McGovern
Greatest Disco song of all time
Comment from : Scott McGovern

Uhm Okay
I personally wear rolling stones shirts cause i like the design but their songs are cool too
Comment from : Uhm Okay

Alex Kova
All these years I thought he was saying "I've been HAULING ASS so long" 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Alex Kova

Jose Roberto
This song's gotta be top 5 Rolling Stones song !!!!
Comment from : Jose Roberto

Lux Ess
Very good version w/ lyrics.
Thanks 4 ur work, mucho pleasure u gave me!

Comment from : Lux Ess

Blue Veins
This is from album "Some Girls" and not live version, I suppose.
I love this version.

Comment from : Blue Veins

Rosalynn Barnes
Comment from : Rosalynn Barnes

Kween Taye
I thought it was ‘BABY WHY U WAIT SO LONG’ twice instead of everybody and I thought it was “ WONT YOU COME HOME! COME HOME!” Instead of come on
Comment from : Kween Taye

Cat T
I miss u 2. For 3 days you haven't been around.
Comment from : Cat T

peanut butterncream
uggggggh i love thiiiiis song
Comment from : peanut butterncream

Keith Richard
For me Lords means Rolling stone..Lords I miss u too infinite
Comment from : Keith Richard

My generation got royally screwed when it comes to the music we grew up with. I wish I was alive during the rolling stones era
Comment from : B A

60 panhead
y know this band may make some day
Comment from : 60 panhead

Dont call me Rudy
their best song imo
Comment from : Dont call me Rudy

Charlie Jackson
My fav Stones song!
Comment from : Charlie Jackson

Lord I miss you
Comment from : choloneressurected

Vincent Washington
2018 and still one of the best recordings ever made!
Comment from : Vincent Washington

Vincent Washington
Introduced to the Stones as youth and I must admit this one of my all time favorites
Comment from : Vincent Washington

Aidan Greene
There's this girl who wears a shirt with the 'Stone's logo, and my friends and I were listening to this before class started and she asked who it was...
Comment from : Aidan Greene

One of my old time favorites 👍🏻😍👂👏
Comment from : amaryKen

A lot of people hated the Rolling Stones for this album because fans thought the Stones sold out to DISCO. I think the album was great because the Stones brought Rock-n-Roll to DISCO and did it very, very well !
Comment from : loudmusic67

Jake Longshore
Bitchin Song!!!!!
Comment from : Jake Longshore

Micawber 01
It's good, but the best from Some Girls is and will always be Beast Of Burden
Comment from : Micawber 01

Julien Caesar
Best version.. unedited with the harp solo at the end... Although I love their loose jams.... the official video should've be done to this... Love it thanks for posting.
Comment from : Julien Caesar

Maria Rosaria Perone
Comment from : Maria Rosaria Perone

Diana Aguilar
Comment from : Diana Aguilar

Sunday Jones
Best band of all time.. Houston Texas Astrodome 82...Tatoo you... One of my favorite memories of my teenage years. Love it
Comment from : Sunday Jones

Joseph Hickman
Not really disco, better funk mid tempo groove to grind to with a stranger trying to forget her.
Comment from : Joseph Hickman

cis rock
Nov, 29th, 2017, 0310am
Comment from : cis rock

Brent Bennett
Start me up.

Start me up, I'll never stop.

Comment from : Brent Bennett

1.25x dance mix
Comment from : FineFlu

mr mojorisin
Good $ong , Love It !!! ;D !! ! !
Comment from : mr mojorisin

In what year this song came out?
Comment from : Mrdeyabu

carol ferrer
Comment from : carol ferrer

Best rock roll sax solo of all time.
Comment from : Mike

Juan Brown
"We're gonna drink a case of wine!".... Love it ..The Stones doing Disco!!!!
Comment from : Juan Brown

Luka Marinov
wat yer was tis?
Comment from : Luka Marinov

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