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C Lucas
The comments crack me up!!!Start me up!!!!
Comment from : C Lucas

Windows 95?
Comment from : CaffeBoy

Oto Gillen
Windows 95 brought me here
Comment from : Oto Gillen

Joseph Arpaio
Comment from : Joseph Arpaio

Monster Mash
is he out of his mind?
Comment from : Monster Mash

angela diotti
Comment from : angela diotti

Michael Whittaker
0:07 when you get the last rolo
Comment from : Michael Whittaker

Belial Clown
en argentina decimo: ILARILOOO
Comment from : Belial Clown

Jj Cain
Dudes built like my friends mom lol
Comment from : Jj Cain

jesus llanos
who is playing the bass??
Comment from : jesus llanos

Jeffrey Simpkins
You got Mick,Keith,and Ron in front.Bill and Charlie in back.They both crack smiles like they smoked a Scooby Snack or cut a silent poot and waiting on the other to catch a whiff.I love them guys.
Comment from : Jeffrey Simpkins

david valdez
una super rola que en lo personal me encanta, en concierto es genial!
Comment from : david valdez

Adriana V
2020 y no paro de disfrutar su música, mejor terapia para sentirse mejor que verlos y escucharlos, encantan!!!!💆😍
Comment from : Adriana V

Pedro Costa
Saudações brasileiras 🇧🇷🤘🏽
Comment from : Pedro Costa

Fagner Brito
Comment from : Fagner Brito

Troubadour 123
The Mighty Mick
Honestly Marvel or DC knows nothing about superhero’s I mean look Keith Richards could whip any villains ass with that deadly rock n roll face

Comment from : Troubadour 123

Denise Waghorn
Comment from : Denise Waghorn

Fabianruben Paz
Mick jageer bailaba el viejo topu
Comment from : Fabianruben Paz

Philip Holmes
It's aerobics with Mick !
Comment from : Philip Holmes

mark schnabel
Watts is looking at Wyman and they are both thinking how did I get here and why am I still here. These other 3 are clowns...j/k Honestly, though focus on their facial expressions.....and wonder what they are thinking. At one point towards the end of the video, Watts starts laughing.
Comment from : mark schnabel

Ingobert Trapp
Lords of the music.
Comment from : Ingobert Trapp

Frank Scott
The rolling stones is one of the best groups I ever heard, they are very good , one of the best bands ever.
Comment from : Frank Scott

Zack Zallie
The Microsoft launch bought me here.
Comment from : Zack Zallie

Andrea Dimaio
2020 e muoiono gli altri....
Comment from : Andrea Dimaio

Playmation Nobi
At 0:16, Mick actually starts lip synching late, but it really doesn't matter. I still absolutely love The Rolling Stones and their music!
Comment from : Playmation Nobi

Daniel Hossack
Bill and Charlie are like don't give a shit they know what's up
Comment from : Daniel Hossack

Sub Cutie
Mick is the Anorexia Posterboy
Comment from : Sub Cutie

Fco Dav
Who remember game day kick off with this son

Comment from : Fco Dav

Lisa Presson
Growing up my dad looked like mick jagger lol he’d try and reenact him and all so embarrassing lol
Comment from : Lisa Presson

alejandro alvarez
drugs were good back then
Comment from : alejandro alvarez

Blah Blahblah
Keith Richards simply does not care lol
Comment from : Blah Blahblah

M C Taylor
The Rolling Stones are GREAT. (But this video isn't....)
Comment from : M C Taylor

Quarol Ch
I don't know why Charlie Watts is considered to be the quietest one. At least he know how to smile and make people love u the thing Wyman'd never done
Comment from : Quarol Ch

Barbara Benitez
Alguien en Enero 2020 🥰💥🖤temaso csm, nunca pasará de moda 🤩🤘🤘🤘
Comment from : Barbara Benitez

angus ruiz
Mick jagger = perfect.♥
Comment from : angus ruiz

ulises sosa
Argentina los amamos , por siempre.
Comment from : ulises sosa

parece playback
Comment from : IGNACIO AGUSTI

Kevin Prior
This was in 1981 but still sounds 60s and fresh
Comment from : Kevin Prior

Luis Miguel Insfran
Cool bro
Comment from : Luis Miguel Insfran

Phuthy ERT
they are similar to queen anyone think that
Comment from : Phuthy ERT

Ethan Brown
Mick dances like my mom
Comment from : Ethan Brown

Blah Blahblah
I had sleep paralysis but instead of a demon this video was being re enacted in front of me
Comment from : Blah Blahblah

Little known fact, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were only 13 years old when this video was shot. Crazy how people age differently now days.
Comment from : retisef

Elias Xeneize
2020 ? 🙌
Comment from : Elias Xeneize

Leo Vox
Comment from : Leo Vox

I didn't know The Stones made a workout video? Cool!
Comment from : TeacherTeacher

Purple Daze
Yoga,buddha how goes it mick?
Comment from : Purple Daze

Tury B. Good III
Just some really fucking Good music.
Comment from : Tury B. Good III

Jason Cheshire
Worst dancer ever.., he’s the male version on Elaine Benes. Cool singer songwriter though!!
Comment from : Jason Cheshire

Gia De Flavis
am i the only one who is dying to recreate this music video with their friends...
oh wait
all my friends like the beatles more

Comment from : Gia De Flavis

Cesar Rodríguez
Soy el unico ? Jdjss
Comment from : Cesar Rodríguez

Andre Jodoin
You can't fake it ! What a band god damn
Comment from : Andre Jodoin

MTV Top 100 Videos of the '80s: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgILA9pspAQ9fkXhAt-pdkY2otG5TNWJr
Comment from : thegman8

Mary Tancredi
Hey Kris, opinions are like arseholes.. everyone's got one. And you cannot tell me how I feel when I see Mick. So eff off. There was absolutely no reason for you to rain on my parade other than the fact that you're a miserable shit. Boo hoo loser
Comment from : Mary Tancredi

Mick, Ronnie and Keith: ADHD mixed with coke
Bill: please kill me
Charlie: that sober guy laughing at his high friends

Comment from : Satan

I was in high school when this song dropped. Can you imagine learning to parallel park and this song cones on? Thank👍 Sounds🎧like it did on Top 40 radio😆
Comment from : MONICA JONES

Olavo silva junior
My youth. Viva!
Comment from : Olavo silva junior

M Dub_Dub
Bill Wyman is a mood rn
Comment from : M Dub_Dub

Daniel Rubin
Good music, goofy guys.
Comment from : Daniel Rubin

Фатима Есиева
Comment from : Фатима Есиева

Craig Furnas
I'm reminded of Van Halen's JUMP video that (I read) cost about $200 to produce and was the #1 video on MTV when the videos trailing it had cost small fortunes.
Comment from : Craig Furnas

Song's great but Mick is a shitty singer and ridiculous performer. What the hell he's doing in that intro? Even if those moves were better rehearsed, they would still be pure cringe. Plus he's facial expressions are annoying.
Comment from : pfcrezende

ItzLuke Butler
Love these guys 😀 my grandpa introduced me to these guys when I was 6! Lol I’m 11 now my mom and dad are proud of me for listening to this kind of music. Rip grandpa thank u so much!! ❤️😢😊
Comment from : ItzLuke Butler

Tanya Scott
Love the rolling stones they rock
Comment from : Tanya Scott

Juan-Camilo Negret
2020 Must Start with this hot Stuff!!!
Comment from : Juan-Camilo Negret

TaTer T0Ts
True Rolling Stones fans will start there 2020's up with this
Comment from : TaTer T0Ts

Poldi Poldek
Mick in peretk, halc Best.
Comment from : Poldi Poldek

Alex Corona
Faltaban 10 años para que yo naciera cuando salió esta canción, y es música que jamás pasará de moda. 31/12/19
Comment from : Alex Corona

Sithu Theinhtay
Girls : Justin Bieber is best performer.
Me and my boomers :

Comment from : Sithu Theinhtay

Gonzalo Araujo
Charlie Watts is the kind of friend that always end up being the designated driver
Comment from : Gonzalo Araujo

Christiane Franke
Comment from : Christiane Franke

Not a Terrorist
Who needs viagra when you have this song.
Comment from : Not a Terrorist

vivan los rolling i cant get no
Comment from : EDDIE THE HEAD GIM

Markus Buhri
The Best band der world für immer und Ewigkeit ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Markus Buhri

Charlie is drumming like he’s on a formal dinner
Comment from : LouDaLannister

eliana zabala moreno
They Rollins Stone, son los legendarios del verdadero arte del Rock y más. Saludos.
Comment from : eliana zabala moreno

Roxana Vera
Jaja el bailecito del tio Mick Jagger solo el tiene ese estilo inconfundible
Comment from : Roxana Vera

Albert Vasu
0:29 that's where he knew

He's fucked

Comment from : Albert Vasu

Rosendo Marcelo
Los abuelos de rock
Comment from : Rosendo Marcelo

razorblazer 05
Mick, Keith, and Ronnie: Cocaine
Charlie: Marijuana
Bill: LSD

Comment from : razorblazer 05

なんJ バドミントン部
Anakin Skywalker?
Comment from : なんJ バドミントン部

Montravius Daniel
This need to be in Stranger Things 4.
Comment from : Montravius Daniel

Dome S
It was 31th December 2017 or 2018 about 10 pm me and my family were leaving the flat to go to neighbour's to celebrate and this song was on vh1 classic on tv, I ll always remeber the feeling of good music and heat of stove
Comment from : Dome S

Darren Davis
Pathetic, get some mens clothes.
Comment from : Darren Davis

Victor montano
Start me ohp, yeah start me ohp.
Comment from : Victor montano

Stephanie Bailey
Ha the drummers face 😂
Comment from : Stephanie Bailey

Lisa Gill
They all look like there off their tits 🤣🤣 I love it ❤️❤️
Comment from : Lisa Gill

A Depp
00:01 - 00:16 Me on my way to annoy my family
Comment from : A Depp

Ginny Gin
After all these years, I know where mellencamp got his dance moves 😂 thank you guys for uploading
Comment from : Ginny Gin

Eduardo J J
Hola!! Aquí un hispano copiando años aquellos ,música para bailarla y escucharla!!!!viva!!!! Los 80🎼🎼🎼☎️📐📖📬✍️
Comment from : Eduardo J J

Christian Thrash
Keith richards aca esta, keith richards ya llego y la gente de risa se cago
Comment from : Christian Thrash

MaT30 GG
Comment from : MaT30 GG

Vincenzo Menta
Uma das faixas do disco Tatoo You.
Comment from : Vincenzo Menta

Kenza Smouni
actual mood
Comment from : Kenza Smouni

Ian Aldridge
The stones are amazing they could go on till there are 100.
Comment from : Ian Aldridge

Algún hispano aquí?

Comment from : vevaad

Nick Rooney
Some of their faces in this video are priceless
Comment from : Nick Rooney

Estela Rose
So lovely ⚘🎈💓😻
Comment from : Estela Rose

Doug Kerr
Comment from : Doug Kerr

Laura Sepulveda
Charlie looks like a dad playing drums
Comment from : Laura Sepulveda

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