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Unique Vibes
🌍Where are you from??🌍
Comment your country below!😊

Comment from : Unique Vibes

1:02 or 1:03 for that TikTok dance
Comment from : ÙwÚ

Gyan Waititu
Mom:tells me to read
Me:don't start now
Mom:what did you say
Me:am just singing

Comment from : Gyan Waititu

aniquilation 3to24dutty
Don't call now or Don't come out
Comment from : aniquilation 3to24dutty

Matt Cullinane
I love the song it is my favourite song ever
Comment from : Matt Cullinane

Lynn Pappas
Love love this song Boom Boom
Comment from : Lynn Pappas

Me walking by the candy aisle and saying no and trying not to give in.
Dua Lipa: Don't start now...
Where are my fellow sweet tooths at??

Comment from : NIKOLE AYALA

martina gavino
Forever dua lipa
Comment from : martina gavino

honey parkkk
Comment from : honey parkkk

Reagan H.
0:55 me to my dad
Comment from : Reagan H.

Im from Ireland and I always hear this on the radio while im sleeping
Comment from : SShadowBLOX

Είναι τέλειο αυτό το τραγούδι
Comment from : ΕΚΑΤΗ ΜΑΝΟΥΣΑΚΗ

I love this song
Comment from : Matte07

Rhianna Marsden
Dua lipas songs are so good for break ups
Comment from : Rhianna Marsden

Du...h INDIA

Hajar Elmousselly
this music is great really waaaw😘😘😘🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
Comment from : Hajar Elmousselly

Bára Řeháčková
I'm from the Czech republice.I like this sing
Comment from : Bára Řeháčková

I think it's the longest name you've ever seen no
Comment from : I think it's the longest name you've ever seen no

Tracey Berard
I sing this song all the time at school lol😄😄😄
Comment from : Tracey Berard

Tommy Keane
I hate this comment section but the song is pretty good
Comment from : Tommy Keane

Eliza Pearl
Is nobody going to talk about how this has an old retro 80's vibe? Cause i'm loving it.
Comment from : Eliza Pearl

Jacquelyn Perry
I absolutely love the chorus.
Comment from : Jacquelyn Perry

Bibi Juju
I love this music is my favorite 🥰🥰
Comment from : Bibi Juju

es la canción mejor del mundo
Comment from : mariella

Zuzanna Janiak
Comment from : Zuzanna Janiak

The radios rarely play this great song, but will play Taylor's lame "You Need to Calm Down" ten times a day.
Comment from : GarthanSaal444

Xxowns YT
Emotional support
Comment from : Xxowns YT

Xxowns YT
Amazing 😉
Comment from : Xxowns YT

king dare
Comment from : king dare

The Jewel Dragon
Friend:Asking if I wanted to get picked up to go eat, their treat after being mean
Me:Don't show up,don't come out,don't start about me now
Friend:Just wanted to be nice....

Comment from : The Jewel Dragon

Rodnel Saintil
Touch me !
Comment from : Rodnel Saintil

Rodnel Saintil
Miley sam jamine. This Song crazy. Girls
Comment from : Rodnel Saintil

Paola Murphy
I think I heard this song like 2 years ago or more 😳
Comment from : Paola Murphy

Megi The Dancer
USA 🇺🇸
Comment from : Megi The Dancer

Edith Acosta
great song put it on loop and chores score lol
Comment from : Edith Acosta

Ich gehe auf Gymnasium windfried
👍🏻 😆👍🏻😍😍💓
Comment from : Ich gehe auf Gymnasium windfried



Comment from : LIL MXRS

i heard this on the radio and its acc a bop
Comment from : lizzy

sier3940 sier3940
btw beat song
Comment from : sier3940 sier3940

Edward Griffith
Love this song- check out my acoustic version on my channel!
Comment from : Edward Griffith

Maddie Gibbons
Performing to this in two days wish me luck!
Comment from : Maddie Gibbons

sour patch
DoNt stArt KaReN boUt me nOw
Comment from : sour patch

sadaf ali
Ummm was the day night 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : sadaf ali

Goodflorian. Der gute
I'm Start now!
Comment from : Goodflorian. Der gute

Naz Deneç
Bu şarkıyı sevenler 1 like atsın
Comment from : Naz Deneç

selpix gaming
Me:Trying to start playing on my tablet
Mum:Dont start now

Comment from : selpix gaming

sorin batcor
the amzing!!!
Comment from : sorin batcor

Diana Buzlukova
My go to music and perfect for the gym !!! Woohoo!!! 💪💪💪💪
Comment from : Diana Buzlukova

Mysterious Phantom
You know, I care.
Comment from : Mysterious Phantom

Im from Kenya (In africa) c: this song is BOmb
Comment from : Vxreilla

This is not magic but ur warching this while reading ghe comments
Comment from : Suxhii

Min Eum
Dua Lipa's voice is amazing, and I'm thankful to the producers who created this song in order to let her shine
Comment from : Min Eum

Nao existe
Vim pelo quiz
Comment from : Nao existe

Lewis Fortney
You know how TO !!!💩
Comment from : Lewis Fortney

Shield- Nl ᗰᐯᑭ
i can already hear this song all over Zara & H&M
Comment from : Shield- Nl ᗰᐯᑭ

Just Ledor
Comment from : Just Ledor

gamer boy
I'm from Australia and I wanna thank the entire world for support
Comment from : gamer boy

Naleia Shipp
love this song I listen to this song everyday.OMGGGGGG
Comment from : Naleia Shipp

chelsey sweeney
Comment from : chelsey sweeney

"Welcome to Hollister"
"Welcome to Forever 21"
"Coming down the runway is.... Madison!"

Comment from : ChrissyBear101

Addison Volkert
I made a dance on this with a friend of mine she has a YouTube channel too.
Comment from : Addison Volkert

A.A.N. Nguyen
Comment from : A.A.N. Nguyen

chrissy conrad
Song at the end? Lol I’ve always wondered
Comment from : chrissy conrad

Lyla Sutherland
Comment from : Lyla Sutherland

timid the tat man
Who Likes Dua Lipa?
Like if you do:

Comment from : timid the tat man

Ευαγγελία Οικονόμου
I love that song 👌😘❤️
Comment from : Ευαγγελία Οικονόμου

Musical Fangirl
love this :)
Comment from : Musical Fangirl

Alejandra Dguez
It’s “don’t come out” or “don’t call now” ?
I can’t hear well

Comment from : Alejandra Dguez

#Misty Davipro
Comment from : #Misty Davipro

Shianne Opie-watling
I love that song so mutch x
Comment from : Shianne Opie-watling

Adriana Garcia
WOW I love it😘👍🏻💙💘💎
Comment from : Adriana Garcia

Az Karlbach
Hi! 😻
Comment from : Az Karlbach

Talha Demirtas
türkler nerde buralar boş kalmış beğenin de sayımızı bilelim
Comment from : Talha Demirtas


love dua lipa? then watch this

Comment from : SpeCtunes

Saishhagirisha Pinkchristmas
The best song ever!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Saishhagirisha Pinkchristmas

Lean Zotomayor
i̶ f̶e̶l̶t̶ t̶h̶a̶t̶
Comment from : Lean Zotomayor

Norma Martinez
Its cool
Comment from : Norma Martinez

Is it just me or does this song make you vibe hard 😎✌🏻 like I just need to bust a move when it comes on 😂
Comment from : Justarandomperson25

Celeste Borelli
Comment from : Celeste Borelli

Jon Znow
is this song about paul klein?
Comment from : Jon Znow

Toga Himiko
Anybody else here from aphmau
Comment from : Toga Himiko

jacquie Last
Walk away yeah you know how
Comment from : jacquie Last

k carly
My techr LOVES this song
Comment from : k carly

Comment from : LUMAX LM

h u n n i
Friday 10th 01st. 2020
Annamarie house view
Cein Red back see how going no 's I lol I love 14:17 💔💜👨👩👀

Comment from : h u n n i

taps send to ex
Comment from : kAIrI vLOgS

Beyza Aksoy
Guys can you explain what's mean " 'fore " I don't know English very well.
Comment from : Beyza Aksoy

hằng lê
Comment from : hằng lê

Aurora Lights PH
I searched for this song because I liked it when they played the don't start now While I Was Going Out Of the plane called AirAsia😸☄️✨
Comment from : Aurora Lights PH

Stephan Lange
Wow Ohrwurm. Was ne hammer Stimme 😍
Comment from : Stephan Lange

Comment from : A N G E L

Ghifari Prameswari
when you're heartbroken but you're lit and like to party
Comment from : Ghifari Prameswari

Mariana Luna
Dua Lipa makes me want to get in a relationship, end it and get over it
Comment from : Mariana Luna

Plz have a listen to my track ALL THESE NIGHTS youtu.be/PKamY5YuRkg and kindly give me some feedback x
Comment from : sammyjmuzik

Vins Vlogs
Omg who is watching this in 2019 like I’m so late like if u are tol
Comment from : Vins Vlogs

Khadijah Babar
this song would go perfect with my ex-BFF

I would want to say this to her

Comment from : Khadijah Babar

Rhea Martinote
play it in playback speed of 1.25 sounds so cool 💞
Comment from : Rhea Martinote

Lost Keys108
0:25 "Scomos gone it's scary"
Comment from : Lost Keys108

Hi people
Comment from : PandaPlayz_Roblox

Sooflexers X
if u dont wanna see me dancing with somebody :ME uhhh.... NO
Comment from : Sooflexers X

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